At SecurBoxe, we develop control products that are easy to use and increase productivity and satisfaction of medical staff.

The NARCOBOXE system is a revolutionary product that addresses some of health cares’s most critical issues concerning the access, distribution and security of medication for the patient’s well-being.

NarcoBoxe system


This product is an online system giving total control to the user enabling him to allow or restrict access to each individual PIN/PROX  keypad. This system is useful to control the storing and dispensing of narcotics and drugs.

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AnestheticBoxe system


The AnestheticBoxe system is designed for the safe keeping of narcotics, drugs and  certain medical equipment used by anesthesiologist and surgeons.

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CustomBoxe system


As the manufacturer, we are fully capable of customizing cabinets to fit your specific needs. The cost will vary depending on the amount of customization done on the cabinet.

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